Archival Storage

Black and White Revival recommends a complete system to preserve your family photographs and documents for many generations to come.

Our Archival Timecare® Ringbinder System is a high quality, low cost solution for the storage and protection of the family archive including photographs, letter, certificates etc. as used by museums and libraries worldwide.

The Timecare® Ringbinder System:

Timecare Polyester Album Pages Ringbinder Old Photographs
The advantages

  • The acid free Timecare® Ringbinder box is manufactured in the UK and passes the PAT Photographic Activity Test to ensure the absence of harmful chemicals
  • The box has a drop spine so lays completely flat to ensure easy access and closes completely on all sides to ensure a dust free environment
  • allows easy additions in chronological order at a later date
  • use in conjunction with clear Polyester sleeves, which have none of the damaging plasticizers present in vinyl/plastic sleeves, to preserve your items
  • add acid free card inserts which allows display of items on both sides and allows you to add the all important narrative
  • and to ensure damaging glues and tapes are kept away from your items use acid free photo corners and V mounts to affix your photographs etc. to the pages
  • …. and a final word on safe handling – cotton gloves will protect your photographs from finger prints, grease and dust to help prolong their life

Black and White Revival has put together a Starter Pack of our most popular products to get you started when accumulating the Family Archive

Follow the link to make your personal selection to best suit your needs:

  • Starter Pack
  • Polyester Sleeves/Card Inserts and all those extra little useful things